Our History

We are the evolution in the development and manufacture of moulds.

Founded in 2001, we developed with passion and dedication moulds for footwear. Over the years with the introduction of innovative technological systems and processes, we have specialized ourselves in the sectors of safety footwear and PVC boots footwear and we have become the leader in the creation direct injection molds for footwear.

Nowadays with the same dedication and commitment to always we have become reference for the national and Mercosul manufacturers.

Vision, innovation and evolution

Our goal is to seek innovation and evolution.

Our knowledge and ability to work are the foundations of our company.

We offer our customers an experience built overtime fulfilling all the requirements of the clients, from the most common to the most complex one.

Exquisite design, high performance,  high precision and absolute fast delivery with great quality are our strengths.

The experience and the knowledge MatrizMinas

Our mission is to give solutions and satisfaction to our customers.

It is fundamenally important for our team to offer customers a product of absolute quality. Because of this we take great care of the various stages of the production process from the beginning of the concept and objective of the final product (sole) to final assembly, through 3D modeling and CNC machining.

 And it is because of this commitment that we become leders in the design and manufacture of direct moulds by direct injection molds on lasted upper.

 Experience, professionalism and continuous technical updating guarantee cutting-edge technological solutions. Our service to the customer and the technical delivery are also fundamental to our success.

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